Keep loving yourself….

When we are not in alignment in certain areas, we can reach for things outside of us to self soothe. I find myself subconsciously looking for people to help, which can distract me from what I need to be TRULY focusing on within myself… Is it a good deed?yes… but True Love, in my opinion, is to use your time wisely…first on you and then for your neighbor😊



The act of blaming yourself or others is pointless and is of no use to you or anyone else,on the other hand, taking responsibility is something else. Taking responsibility breeds growth and maturation.

Blaming blocks the flow of love and joy instantly. It also, blocks our natural wisdom, and can put us in a state where we avoid the truth and deny whats really going on!

Make time for reflection, looking within, not logically or intellectually, but with Spiritual Wisdom. Open your mind and heart to gain a completely new perspective. Encountering someone who applies wisdom in their daily lives can be as inspirational and as much of a teaching experience as attending a class of some sort.

Wealth Con$ciou$ne$$


Wednesday, August 10, 2016 11:03 PM

Value/s- beliefs that guide your action and judgment

  • So every time you see value replace it with the definition so it makes sense

You create money by increasing your value inside yourself.  You  do that by remembering that you were created in the image and likeness of  God — abundant by nature. You then experience money by exchanging the value you have built in you. Exchange it with others by providing services, goods, and money to others in exchange for their services, goods, and money.

Wealth follows those with wealth consciousness, not the other way around. Wealth consciousness comes from states and thoughts of prosperity and wealth that are full of confidence. It does not allow any thoughts about poverty or limitations, doubt or scarcity. It does not allow states of fear and disbelief.

Paper money is just a medium of exchange for our uniquely developed internal value. Build wealth by building your inner value. Experience wealth by car­rying out your purpose and ability using that built-up inner value. It all lies inside you.

To build external wealth, build internal value and then exercise it. It is that simple. The biggest components of in­ternal value are instantly available to all. These are faith or certainty, imagination, inquiry(an act of asking for information), and focus. Activity, taking action, translates inner value into outer value, material wealth.

I live to connect!

I love people! I’m thankful that I have a positive posture in life and that I have learned in some areas and still learning in others, to intentionally let it flow through my careful words and actions. I believe that God created us all to connect. My hope is that people feel the comfort and love of God through me! 

Beating Procrastination!

​How to Beat Procrastination!

*STOP focusing on beating procrastination and focus on increasing productivity!

Focus on what you have done, rather than what you have not!
For example, at least you have your thoughts together as to where you want to begin.

Every small step toward productivity is still a step!

Break tasks down into smaller parts and do the easiest first, bringing the quickest victory! 

I feel better about this already, while writing this! The key is to attack from a positive perspective!

P.S. Don’t forget to be compassionate with yourself!